The Northern Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages was founded in 1984 in Manchester to provide occasions for conversation among language teachers and between teachers and researchers, hoping to promote classroom-research; to keep teachers informed of new theory, knowledge and methodology and to encourage sharing of insight, good practice and productive experience.

NATESOL is affiliated to IATEFL and shares news of events and publications with other organisations such as NATECLA and MATSDA.  The Committee offers support to members in making presentations to their meetings as well as our own.

Members are mainly professional teachers and academics including students, trainees and volunteers and, though teaching institutions have begun to run their own CPD sessions, members value meeting experienced colleagues from other organisations, academics and authors and presenting their own observations to a professional community.

Currently while face-to-face meetings are not possible, we are not limited by the capacity or accessibility of venues in the north of England but can welcome participants from all over the world.  We intend to continue this online presence when local meetings are resumed.  Members will have access to recordings, bibliographies and discussions through this website so ‘remote’ membership will still have advantages.  In the present difficult circumstances we are especially happy to hear of projects, discoveries, methods and insights for the promotion of engaging and effective language teaching.

Illustrations by Jane Cabot, Committee Secretary

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